March 31, 2019

Meet Ben from Ben’s Butchery

We caught up with Ben from Ben’s Butchery – one of only two independent butcher’s shop in Epsom, no less.

Ben from Ben's Butchery in Epsom

Ben’s Butchery has been going strong for just over two years, enjoying great relationships with local carnivores, whilst also supplying top local businesses like Yo Sarnie! and The Jolly Coopers (to name but two).

What inspired you to open an independent butcher’s in Epsom?
Ever since I started as an apprentice nine years ago my ambition was to have my own shop, and Epsom is great because, firstly, it has plenty of people who are interested in knowing where their meat comes from, which is always great to see. And secondly, because there are loads of independent shops and cafes opening, which is fantastic for encouraging people to shop local.

What does your shop offer that supermarkets don’t?
Excellent, local produce, and great customer service, obviously! But we’re also passionate about what we do, and we make sure the welfare of the animals is second to none. Getting to know our suppliers and farmers is a great way of assuring this is the case.

Do you cater for people looking for healthy eating options?
Absolutely. We offer plenty of healthy options, ready-to-cook dinners, such as our chicken, apricot and rosemary parcels. And we’re always more than happy to advise customers on choosing the right cut for them, and cooking it correctly.

What’s your favourite local pub for Sunday lunch?
The Jolly Coopers, definitely. Great atmosphere, brilliant food. And yes, we supply them with all of their meat!

Ben’s Butchery
43 Upper High Street, Epsom, KT17 4RA

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