Pop along to Polesden Lacey’s newest exhibition


Did you know Polesden Lacey was once the weekend party house for royalty and powerful socialites, including none other than Winston Churchill. That’s right, you heard us correctly…

During the time in which Edwardian hostess, Dame Margaret Greville, owned Polesden Lacey – between 1906 and 1942 – she was known to throw lavish weekend soiree’s and entertain myriads of celebrities. 

Now, for the first time, Polesden Lacey are inviting us to step inside one of Mrs Greville’s notorious party rooms to explore their new exhibit, Polesden Voices. It explores the stories of the many men and women that lived and worked at Polesden Lacey during the past century. 

So, if you fancy learning more and listening to the stories of those that helped Mrs Greville create history, plan your visit now.


Polesden Lacey, Great Bookham, Surrey, RH5 6BD


Monday 9 September – Thursday 14 November


Usual admission applies; free for National Trust Members