October 29, 2019

The Epsom Supper Club

We head along to The Epsom Supper Club for an evening of great food, good company and no washing up...

Picture this: you’re sitting round the table, in the company of a bunch of strangers and tucking into some posh nosh cooked by a private chef. At first it can seem a little odd. That being said, we are willing to try almost anything here at OUT – only when there’s food involved, of course – so we popped along to The Epsom Supper Club, the newest trend taking over the town. 

As the doors open to a grand Victorian House nestled in the heart of Epsom Downs, Charles Scott – your maître d’ for the evening – welcomes you inside, with the help of dachshund Frank. A glass of Prosecco helps to settle the nerves as you mingle with the other guests. After you’ve plonked yourself down, Laura Scott – your private chef – pops out from the kitchen to welcome you around her table. Try not to salivate as she guides you through tonight’s menu, who knew the talk of harissa could leave you drooling? 

Now for what we’ve all been waiting for, the food. Laura warned us that her portion sizes are generous; she wasn’t lying. To start, bowls of a spiced chickpea and seasonal vegetable soup were served alongside pillowy, umptious slices of sourdough and salted focaccia. We’d have been happy with the bread alone, of which it is tempting to overdose on, but the arrival of a caramelised onion and thyme tart quickly stopped us from slathering butter on another slice.

Onto the mains, a slow cooked Baharat spiced shoulder of lamb for the meat eaters and a spinach, feta and herb Borek for the veggies – both served with an array of pimped vegetables. Can we squeeze in dessert? Of course we can, especially when it’s an almond and walnut crumble topped cheesecake with fresh figs and berries. If one dessert wasn’t quite enough, a basket of delicate rose madeleines is the perfect accompaniment for a post-dinner coffee. We promise that’s the last course.

The Epsom Supper Club is a unique dining experience with a much lower price tag than your average night out. Expect good food, great company and no washing up. Not only do you get to meet new people, but a heap of new flavours and ingredients that you’ll soon be adding to your weekly shopping list. We’ll definitely be returning – and maybe next time we’ll see you there? 

To find out when the next supper club is taking place, look online at howtocookgoodfood.co.uk or wefifo.com.
Price is typically £40, although can vary slightly.

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