November 11, 2019

Behind our charity Christmas card designs

We talk to the UCA students behind our charity Christmas cards, discovering their design inspiration...

Whilst some sought inspiration from their daily commute to UCA, others aimed to simply spread some festive kindness through the community – but they all have one thing in common. These charity Christmas cards designed by UCA students, all encompass Epsom and Ewell and here’s how…

Bill Hards
The inspiration for my Christmas card came from being a student at UCA Epsom and the amazing letterpress studio we have there. I wanted the design to combine an old style of printing with a contemporary twist using the letters to form a Christmas tree. 

Jess Ford
Thinking of the Christmas spirit, it’s important to look at not just the giving and receiving, but the joy and kindness spread from person to person. Every year this is brought to the streets of Epsom, so what’s better than bringing this to life to spread kindness even further!

Troy Simms
I wanted to showcase the work that myself and other students were doing in and around Epsom. I wanted the design to be quite abstract and unique, so I used a collage to make the different pieces form the shape of a horse, representing Epsom & Ewell.

Nina Matilde Elstad
I wanted to make Christmas ornaments that would represent the area of Epsom & Ewell, so I chose the clocktower and a horse that represents the racecourse. I hope that people immediately associate these with our town, I also added some traditional Christmassy ones too.

Eleanor Palmer
My inspiration comes from the robins I see walking to and from UCA. I thought combining it with a hat would give it a warm and festive feeling. I used a mixture of washi tape and digital art to create the card. 

Lucy Miller
The Epsom Playhouse is a place that – especially around Christmas time – has a lot going on that the community are interested and involved in, so I thought it would be a perfect setting for a Christmas scene. I wanted it to be recognisable, but still be a Christmas card that could be posted to people anywhere, so it is simplified to be inviting and festive to whether you’re a local or not. 

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