November 26, 2019

Fancy Foliage for your Christmas Wreath

Fancy making your own Christmas wreath this year? Here are some top tips from Mad Lilies...

Illustration by Nicola Baroni

Choose your foliage carefully
Use foliage that will dry out well such as pines, firs or eucalyptus. Protect your wreath from rotting or wilting and be able to enjoy the colour changes – like when green eucalyptus dries out to a silvery grey or thistles starting to go an autumnal brown. Dried grasses are also very popular.

Pick a focal point
Once you’ve foliaged up your wreath, choose a focal point to start building clusters of detail. Any gaps remaining can be filled with moss, of which there are many different types including Bunn moss, Spanish moss and Reindeer moss.

Finish with a ribbon bow
Velvet looks gorgeous at Christmas and comes in loads of different colours to match your front door or table setting.

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