November 28, 2019

Polesden Lacey Gets Dressed Up for Christmas

Polesden Lacey has been transformed with a touch of festive sparkle, inspired by the diamonds and pearls of former owner, Mrs Greville.

Nothing screams Christmas like a well dressed house: trees adorned with festive decorations, twinkling fairy lights draped above the fireplace and tinsel hanging from every nook and cranny. That’s why we paid a visit to Polesden Lacey, as they’ve added a touch of festive sparkle to Mrs Greville’s house and surrounding grounds.

Think Christmas dining table embellished with festive florals and diamond encrusted crackers, more Christmas trees than your three-year-old could dare to dream of and a Billiard room bedecked with giant glittering baubles. It’s one of those you’ve got to see it to believe it moments.

It all becomes a little clearer once we learn that this year’s theme is All that Glitters, in which the house has been reimagined to bring to life the impressive collection of Mrs Greville’s diamonds, emeralds and pearls – which continue to be worn today by the likes of The Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Eugenie.

In this transformation, Polesden Lacey worked with contemporary artists Neon – otherwise known as duo Mark Nixon and Viliina Koivisto – to install three art centrepieces in three different spaces throughout Mrs Greville’s house. All of which have been inspired not only by a piece of jewellery from her eclectic collection, but also from the space they sit in.

Once you’re eyes can’t bear to be dazzled any longer – and trust us that will happen – why not round off your trip to Polesden Lacey with a Christmas carriage ride, a mooch around the festive artisan fair or better still with a mince pie in the cafe?

All that Glitters is open until 6 January 2020. For more information on Christmas at Polesden Lacey visit their website here.

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