November 26, 2019

Take a Look in our Festive Drinks Cabinet

No need to risk choosing a mouth puckering bottle of white or prising open that lurid bottle of spirits from Gran Canaria 2006, we've got you covered...


Have you considered the perfect wine to go with your Christmas dinner? Never fear if not, Mark Whitehouse from @cantina_travels has picked the ideal trio for you…

Philizot Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut
Aldi, £12.49
If you love a glass of sparkling wine to kickstart the festivities or to accompany your salmon starter, look no further than this fizz. Typical characteristics of a champagne with full body, sharp acidity and notes of peach and apple. You’ll struggle to find a better value for money champagne!

Jim Barry Watervale Riesling 2018
Waitrose, £12.99
For roast turkey or goose, a Riesling is ideal. Forget the old 80’s stigma surrounding Riesling – the modern varieties are outstanding, and this one from Australia is an excellent example. Dry, medium bodied, with a balanced acidity and notes of grapefruit and pear. Refreshingly sharp with enough body to stand up to the richness of poultry and simply delicious on its own.

Altano Quinta Do Ataide Organic Douro 2018
Waitrose, £10.99
Rare roast forerib of beef is the favourite Christmas dinner in our house and the red is the perfect accompaniment. A beautifully balanced rich wine with medium acidity and tannins, notes of blackberry, red cherry and vanilla. An outstanding red wine and a great match with venison and rich poultry dishes.

See @cantina_travels for more wine reviews.


Fancy whetting your whistle with a Christmas beer? We asked Daniel Clamp from The Jolly Coopers & Fuzzchat Brewery to reveal his festive favourites…

Winter Lightning
Hopback Brewery
A lightly spiced version of the much loved summer lightning. Darker in colour than its warmer month sibling but just as drinkable. This pint packs a punch at 5% but it’s worth it.

Albury Ruby
Surrey Hills Brewery
One for the more seasoned drinker but if you’re the adventurous type you should jump straight in. Dark ruby in colour so a completely different beer to Surrey Hills’ usual pale beers. Despite the colour, ruby has a light fruit nose with a hint of blackcurrant. This is a firm favourite at the coopers in the cooler months at 4.6%.

Black Warrior
Fuzzchat Brewery
Our very own winter beer with deep roasted barley, this beer is dark in colour but has a hopped coffee and caramel flavour. This has to be Fuzzchat brewery’s most loved beer at 3.9%.

Winter Warmer
You’ll probably have tried this one if you have ever popped into a Young’s pub in the festive period. It’s a great spiced ale at 5%, however this is only around for a few weeks so be quick to catch this seasonal brew.

The Jolly Coopers & Fuzzchat Brewery, Epsom


Tom Flanagan, owner of Tattam’s, a mobile cocktail company based in Surrey, introduces us to his favourite Christmas tipple…

Apple Pie Sour
The Apple Pie Sour is a great winter cocktail! It’s sweetness has depth and is full of flavour. Once you have sourced all the ingredients it’s very simple to make, but you will be sure to impress your guests with its frothy finish and candy apple garnish.

What will you need?
50ml Disaronno
50ml Apple Juice
25ml Lemon Juice
12.5ml Sugar Syrup
12.5ml Egg White
2 dashes of Orange Bitters
1 cinnamon stick
an apple slice and sugar to garnish

To create the cocktail, pour all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker along with a handful of ice. Shake. Open up the cocktail shaker and place the Hawthorne strainer over the top of the shaker and pour the contents through the fine strainer into the coupe glass. To garnish, cut a slice of apple and coat with sugar, then carefully blow torch until the sugar has browned. Place the apple slice on the edge of your glass. Drink and enjoy.


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